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How to buy


For those of you who are new to online shopping, embrace it, the future is here! Online shopping means you can shop for your bike parts without ever leaving your chair, 24/7! Soon you won't understand how you got by without it.

Here's a brief rundown on how to shop on this website:

  1. Browse around the site until you see a product you more infor on.
  2. Click the "Quick View" for a quick overview of the product, or click on the description itself. This will open the product page with more images and detailed descriptions.
  3. If you hold your mouse over the image in the product page it will magnify the image.
  4. Click the image will open an image viewer with larger images in high resolution.
  5. If you want to purchase the item click the "Add to cart" button.
  6. You can continue browsing the site, the item you selected will remain in your cart.
  7. Everytime you see an item you want clikc "Add to Cart"
  8. When you done, click "View cart" located on the top right hand side of the website.
  9. This will show you an overview of all the items you have selected, you can update quantities or delete items you don't want.
  10. When you ready to pay click "Proceed to Check Out"
  11. The select "Check Out as Guest"
  12. Fill in the required details.
  13. You will then receive an invoice with deposit instructions.
  14. An account would have automatically been created for you on this website.
  15. You can track your order on this website, next time you purchase we will already have all your details!
  16. You will also recieve regular emails updating you of the status of your order.


Should you not be able to order online, please call us so we can help you with a telephonic order.


Here's some instructions with pictures to help you out! - 3 Easy Steps!